Nature Poetry of Valley Reflections

Below is another old folding mirror poem that was inspired by a visit to Otley Chevin, near Leeds in West Yorkshire, England.  It is a nature poem in the style popularised by the Romantics in the 18th and 19th centuries.

The chevin was a happy stomping ground for Romantic artist, J.M. Turner, and it is thought to have inspired his famous painting, Hannibal Crossing the Alps.

The folding mirror line, ‘a river runs through it’ divides the poem as rivers divide the ground on either side of valleys, and was inspired by the touching 1992 film of the same name.

The poem mirrors in line word amounts and the punctuation, but not in metre.

The poem works from on top of the valley on the outer lines to the bottom of the valley on the inner lines on each side, and then the river is reached on the valley bottom in the middle line.

Some lines feature words switched around in the two halves of the lines, while other lines have completely different words.


Valley Reflections

On valley top, trees provide splendour.
Above granite crags beyond, our time.
Waterfalls falling poetic motion, past caves.
Down to the valley floor, lush and green.

A river runs through it

Up from the valley bottom, vegetation and verdant.
Paths rising winding lines, through passes.
Rocks overhanging forming shapes, past reality.
Trees provide splendour, on valley top.

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