New Sarah James Folding Mirror Poem

I’m very happy to present to you a new Sarah James folding mirror poem (Fireworks) and explanation (Inspired) of its creation.

Like the form itself, the poem was inspired by the haiku, and developed into a folding mirror, with the two halves of the poem nicely divided in the descriptions of emotion and practice by a folding middle line: unless now and then

The structure mirrors either side of the fold without the words in the opposite line always replicating.

Thanks to Sarah, and I hope you all enjoy it.



Influences and inspiration can be subtle. This year I have been taking part in Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides’ Poem a Day for April (poetry month). I have also been trying to keep a haiku diary, as well as reading and contributing to the folding mirror blog. Of course, they all have one obvious thing in common – poetry. But it was only when the poem a day theme happened to be ‘routine’ that the three subconsciously converged in my poem Fireworks.


What started as a haiku thought wouldn’t quite fit to tight conciseness of the form. Words and ideas pushed the boundaries and I slipped, almost without realising it,  into Marc’s folding mirror form (probably subconsciously influenced by his posts describing his original syllabic, haiku inspiration).


The mirror line is the turning point in a poem about the need sometimes to free oneself in life and poetry from routine and traditional established forms. That the poem should break out of one form (haiku) to end up in a different form (folding mirror) adds irony. When does breaking free of one routine or tradition become another routine or tradition?




Routine rhythms life

but meaning sometimes slips, lost

between the stresses.

Or it tumbles out of line,

unless now and then

you help set it free and let

creation explode

like this poem sparks and bursts
from haiku routine.


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