Football Folding Mirror Completes the Set

Today’s folding mirror poem is the fourth and final footballing fm thus far created.

With the football season drawing to a close in the UK it is a timely addition to the site.

The Form

The poem has the same amount of words per line in both halves (outer and outer etc as explained previously), but the punctuation is a little different, and the meter is a bit wonky.

The Subject

The poem looks at the football season from the start to the finish, and works from the top of the poem to the bottom.

The holiday season at the end of December and start of January provides the folding middle line, as this is the half way point of the season.

The poem draws attention to how the season starts and ends in good weather months, with the dryness creating hard pitches; while the middle of the season is played in wet and cold months, which results in muddy pitches and makes good football hard to play.

One Season: Two Halves

Fields of concrete, don’t fall down.
Hopes are high, like the sun.
Through autumn, muddy pitches
make life difficult, and good football increasingly scarce.
Come winter, frosts cause cancellations.

But over the festive season there is a full programme.

Late winter, frosts cause cancellations.
In early spring, rain still falls on grass;
skilful football, still rare.
But Sunshine warms, in late spring.
Fields of concrete, mean season’ s end.


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