Turner’s Chichester Canal Finishes off First Round of Romantics

The fifth artist to feature in the Romantic interpretation series is J.M.W. Turner. This will conclude the first round of five paintings and poems, with another five from the same artists to follow.

Introduction and explanation

I thought I had completed all ten in the series before publishing any, but then couldn’t find any Turner ones when it came to his turn. And Turner was my favourite artists before the series! I tell you, the poet’s mind!!

So I did this one yesterday after finding the painting both beautiful and a nice fit for the Folding Mirror theme, with it’s horizon pretty much dividing the painting in two.

Thus, the poem works from the top of the painting down, with the horizon the middle.

The Structure

The structure mirrors in words per line (6-5-5-3-4-11-4-3-5-5-6).

The line lengths are pretty much the same, and the punctuation too. The only difference is that the commas in the third from outer lines are one word different from each other; with the top half after the first word and the bottom half after the second word in the line.

The Poem

An Autumn Sunset in Chichester (Chichester Canal by J.M.W. Turner)

ruddy sky brightened by setting sun
shimmering golden rays falling down
but, in reality rising up
through mauve dusk
to lilac hills, where

sailing ship and cathedral stride the natural horizon

on golden pond, a
cream light stretches
to boat, men and birds
between trees with autumn leaves
ripples darken the corners to ochre

The Painting

Turner's Chichester Canal
Turner's Chichester Canal

Copied from Wikipedia

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