Sky Diving Story: Through Cloud Dividing Earth and Space

Sorry about the inactivity on the blog recently, but been busy-busy elsewhere. Did have enough time to think of a new Folding Mirror poem though, and got it down on the computer this morning. So here it is for you, hot off the press as they say. It’s a sky-diving story from the parachutist’s mind.


The Sky Diver’s Story

The poem concerns a parachute jump, and follows the sky-diver’s thoughts from plane to ground, with the poem dropping from top to bottom along with the sky-diver.

The cloud appears as a carpet from above and as a ceiling from below, after the parachutist falls through it in the folding middle line. It also divides the unknown world above from the life the sky-diver knows.


The words per twinned line (outer and outer etc) mirror each other each side of the folding middle line:
6-4-3-2-3-4-4-3-4 (6) 4-3-4-4-3-2-3-4-6

The line lengths are pretty close, and there’s also some correlation between the themes of the twinned lines, with the sentence halves swapped around in the outer lines. Also a bit of rhyme chucked in for no extra charge!

The Poem

Cloud Carpet to Ceiling

hands on floor, legs in space
push out and fall
head feels bare
barely there
is no thought
devoid in the void
through nowt so clear
I have sped
to the cloud ahead

dividing infinity from what’s inside me

on the ground below
I now head
mind twist and turn
what did you learn
was it fun
pull toggles
cushion the return
no crash and burn
feet on ground, arms in air


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