Summer Garden Reflections by Claire Knight

Today we have the second Folding Mirror poem from Claire Knight that first appeared in the Writing Tips summer edition. It is still available on request from Wendy Webb at Tips for Writers.

The poem mirrors either side of the folding middle line apart from a couple of cleverly placed words, and as the spider weaves an intricate design in the poem Claire creates a rich image of nature at work amongst lush vegetation.

It is timely this week, with summer heat dominant across the UK, and I hope you enjoy it wherever you are.

Thanks to Claire for creating and sharing it, and Wendy and the Norfolk poets for allowing its reuse.

Summer Garden by Claire Knight

Between verdant leaves
a gossamer web weaves
its pristine shape;
sunshine glints and glances
as light breeze dances.

Fragrant blooms of roses scent the warm day

as light breeze dances,
and sunshine glints and glances:
in pristine shape
a gossamer web weaves
between verdant leaves.

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