Grand Old Duke of York Poem of Our Age by Norman Bissett and

Today we have the second Folding Mirror poem to appear on this site after first being published in the summer Tips for Writers.

Norman’s first poem, STENDHALISMO, is the most viewed poem on this site, and I hope this second one proves as popular.

The poem reflects the hope of youth in the top half of the poem with the reality of age in the bottom, and this theme is cleverly summed up with a metaphor in the poem title; referring as it does to the old nursery rhyme of the grand old duke of York, who marched his men up the hill and then down again.

Thanks to Norman for creating and sharing his poem, and Wendy Webb for allowing its re-use.


Success is a mountain summit
soliciting rape, begging to be conquered,
awaiting our all-out assault.
The towering peaks soar,
defying and challenging us.
We shall assuredly prevail.
Youth, dynamism, zest and self-belief
are ours in abundance.

With the passing years, spirits droop, limbs become leaden.

Weighed down by an excess
of self-doubt, accidie, sloth, the spiritual torpor of age,
defeat, chap-fallen, confronts us.
Mocking and taunting,
unfathomable depths open before us,
awaiting our total capitulation.
Lusting to be inhabited, soliciting occupation,
failure is a bottomless pit.

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