New Development in Folding Mirror Form?

Today we have a new Folding Mirror that hopefully adds another dimension to the form.

Poem Explanation

The poem was inspired by a combination of a BBC documentary series on the British Medieval Mind, the Angels and Demons book and film and Channel 4‘s 1066: the Battle for Middle Earth docu-drama.

Poem Structure

The poem subject is new, but not the most original factor. I think the structure may be, as it totally starts from the middle and then works outwards to the outer lines.

The poem starts with the medieval mind thinking about being judged by God, and then working its way through what might happen if they are judged positively and get taken to heaven (up into the top half of the poem) or negatively and taken to hell (down into the bottom half of the poem).

The poem mirrors in line word count: 4-4-4-4-4-3-3-2 (9) 2-3-3-4-4-4-4-4

The line length and punctuation mirror pretty much too. The poem starting in the middle and then dividing to the top and bottom helped with the punctuation, as a capital letter starts the folding line and poem, and then two full stops end it at the two outer lines.

Poem Images

Thanks to Stock.xchng for providing the images, which I then edited on Picasa. Also, thanks to rore d for creating the up arrow, and dropowtt for the down. The images link to the pages where the original photos are on display.

The Poem

To Heaven or Hell

enjoying tranquillity for eternity.
amongst clouds and angels
through the pearly gates
welcomed in by Peter
knocking on heaven’s door
righteous carried upwards

arrow down

we can rise
judged positively

On flat Middle Earth, if we have our lives

negatively received
one will fall

arrow down

damned descending down
dragged by hell’s harpies
to their lord Lucifer
over bloody burning coals
fire and demons surround
slaving painfully for infinity.

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