Stereotypical Werewolf Transformation

Today we have a bit of a light-hearted poem from Marc Latham to take us into the weekend.

Poem Explanation

The Greenygrey wasn’t too happy when I wrote this poem, as it thinks it gives werewolves a bad name, and the shape looks a bit too much like a silver bullet for its liking!

So I called it the stereotypical werewolf transformation, as it is based on mythical and Hollywood werewolves rather than real ones like GG.


The structure is influenced by a right-angle structure that was promoted on the Writelink website. This is a double right angle, with the folding middle line providing a point for an arrow head look (see, not a silver bullet GG).

The words per line mirror on each side of the fold:

The top half of the poem sees the person being bitten by a werewolf, but still oblivious to its state; the middle line concerns the first full moon afterwards, and the transformation; and the bottom half sees the person acting as a werewolf and aware of its state after the middle line transformation.

The Stereotypical Werewolf Transformation

Bitten by a werewolf
too late to save my humanity
the start of continuous insanity
When I wake in bed I am oblivious
scary werewolves are still ridiculous
my scratches could be from anywhere
my month continues without a care until

next full moon I howl for the first time; lordy

one’s furriness and out of tune harmony
too early to decide whether enjoyable
is werewolf existence even viable
When I wake in nature I am cold
with hands covered in mould
I pass next month in dread
Biting as a werewolf


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