Equinox Poem: When Day and Night are Equal

Today we have a poem by Marc Latham with the equinox as the subject.

Poem Explanation

The equinox days in the northern hemisphere are March 21st for the ending of winter and arrival of summer, and October 21st for the end of summer and beginning of winter.

This gave me the idea of comparing the feelings and activities of people who take notice of the two days, either side of dividing middle line explaining the equinox.

Poem Structure

The poem halves mirror each other in words per line, with a count of:
8-5-9-10 (10) 10-9-5-8

The punctuation and line lengths also mirror each other quite accurately.

The Poem

Equinox: Day and Night Share Evenly Twice a Year

At the end of March spring breaks out
dark and light co-exist together
day in, night out, tis the time to rejoice
long days to look forward to, warm nights to celebrate

Equinox days in the northern hemisphere where all is equal

summer memories to recall and store, winter knocks at door
night in, day out, its a season to reminisce
light and dark evenly balanced
In October’s last days autumn has its grip

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