Folding Mirror Article on Suite 101

Marc Latham has written an article about the Folding Mirror form for the Suite 101 Poetry Section.

The article provides an overview of the poetry form, as well as detailing some of the publishing successes for Folding Mirror poems.

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Folding Mirror Poem Published on Every Day Poets

Marc Latham’s Planet Earth and the Universe is the poem of the day for July 21st on the every day poets website.

I hope you’ll visit and enjoy the poem…and give it a good vote! Cheers.

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Equinox Poem: When Day and Night are Equal

Today we have a poem by Marc Latham with the equinox as the subject.

Poem Explanation

The equinox days in the northern hemisphere are March 21st for the ending of winter and arrival of summer, and October 21st for the end of summer and beginning of winter.

This gave me the idea of comparing the feelings and activities of people who take notice of the two days, either side of dividing middle line explaining the equinox.

Poem Structure

The poem halves mirror each other in words per line, with a count of:
8-5-9-10 (10) 10-9-5-8

The punctuation and line lengths also mirror each other quite accurately.

The Poem

Equinox: Day and Night Share Evenly Twice a Year

At the end of March spring breaks out
dark and light co-exist together
day in, night out, tis the time to rejoice
long days to look forward to, warm nights to celebrate

Equinox days in the northern hemisphere where all is equal

summer memories to recall and store, winter knocks at door
night in, day out, its a season to reminisce
light and dark evenly balanced
In October’s last days autumn has its grip

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Second Werewolf Folding Mirror Poem

Today we have the second werewolf folding mirror poem of the week, after the Stereotypical Werewolf Transformation kicked off the lycanthropic proceedings.

Poem Explanation

This poem is a less dramatic venture, and instead compares and contrasts the human and wolf forms of the werewolf.

Poem Structure

The poem mirrors either side of the folding middle line,
with a word count of: 4-3-4-3-3-4-5-5-4-3 (8) 3-4-5-5-4-3-3-4-3-4

The top half of the poem describes human features, and the lower half, after the full moon change, the wolf characteristics.

The Poem

Of Man and Wolf

I am the man
evolution’s best trick
no need for fur
clothes to fit
over bare skin
and some hairy bits
styled head and manicured nails
polished teeth and plucked eyebrows
I am the man
evolution’s best trick

Except once a month on the lunar cycle

full moon trickster
I am the wolf,
yellowish eyes and extended molars
heavy paws and elongated snout
my skin is hidden
under heavy fur
threads are torn
no need for clothes
full moon trickster
I am the wolf

Norman Bissett and Summer’s Peesie

Today we have the second Folding Mirror poem by Norman Bissett from the Tips for Writers Autumn issue, which is available for free from the Norfolk poets and writers.

The poem captures the dive and rise of a peesie (lapwing), which is a common and wonderfully evocative sight in the UK at the moment; and a reassuring sign that summer is still present.


A ragged duster flapping in the gale,
plunging from heaven to earth
in some catastrophe,
its melancholy call a threnody
or dirge of desolation,
a bleak lament,

a peesie rides the surge triumphantly,

proclaiming joy,
its paean of exultation
tossing resistance at the mournful wind
through sheer exuberance,
soaring from earth to heaven,
a battle-standard fluttering in the breeze.

(peesie: Scots = lapwing)

New Charity Sponsorship on FMPoetry

SocialVibe had a message on WordPress when I logged in today, asking WordPressers to instal their widget to help raise money for charity.

You choose a charity and a sponsor, and if readers click the widget the sponsor gives money to the charity.

It seems a win-win situation for me, you, and the charities, so I’ve installed it, and hope you’ll click it to your heart’s content.

I’ve chosen an uncontroversial charity and sponsor, in line with the apolitical nature of this site.

I’ve also deactivated some other widgets I installed at the start but haven’t really used; I’d wanted to do that before but had forgotten where they were, or never really knew from the start!

So, I already feel rewarded for doing my bit!!

Stereotypical Werewolf Transformation

Today we have a bit of a light-hearted poem from Marc Latham to take us into the weekend.

Poem Explanation

The Greenygrey wasn’t too happy when I wrote this poem, as it thinks it gives werewolves a bad name, and the shape looks a bit too much like a silver bullet for its liking!

So I called it the stereotypical werewolf transformation, as it is based on mythical and Hollywood werewolves rather than real ones like GG.


The structure is influenced by a right-angle structure that was promoted on the Writelink website. This is a double right angle, with the folding middle line providing a point for an arrow head look (see, not a silver bullet GG).

The words per line mirror on each side of the fold:

The top half of the poem sees the person being bitten by a werewolf, but still oblivious to its state; the middle line concerns the first full moon afterwards, and the transformation; and the bottom half sees the person acting as a werewolf and aware of its state after the middle line transformation.

The Stereotypical Werewolf Transformation

Bitten by a werewolf
too late to save my humanity
the start of continuous insanity
When I wake in bed I am oblivious
scary werewolves are still ridiculous
my scratches could be from anywhere
my month continues without a care until

next full moon I howl for the first time; lordy

one’s furriness and out of tune harmony
too early to decide whether enjoyable
is werewolf existence even viable
When I wake in nature I am cold
with hands covered in mould
I pass next month in dread
Biting as a werewolf