Iridescent Colours, Sunset and Last Light Poem

Today we have a poem that I just did, from an idea that came to me while adding a video link to the last Hadrian’s Wall post. That video is relevant to this post, and contains the photos of iridescent light and sunset that influenced it.

Poem Explanation

The poem starts with the arrival of iridescent light, as it did that evening, when the photos were taken. They don’t always appear in the evening though, and I’ve also seen them in the morning.

The folding middle line is the sunset, which everybody notices.

The bottom half is the last light of day, which like the iridescent lights also has a subtle beauty to me, as it slowly leaves the sky to the north-west (in the UK). I often imagine where it is going, and how people further north can still see it in our northern hemisphere summer.

Poem Structure

The words per line mirror each other in each half with a
6-4-2-4 (9) 4-2-4-6 structure.

There’s no punctuation, so it mirrors!

The Poem

Summer Evening Sky Show

sweet shy scout for evening show
subtle colours enriching clouds
iridescent light
oh what a sight

Sunset fills the horizon with an upward rising splash

curtain call for day
light departure
slowly falling downward vanilla
chased by moon night time filler

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