Writing / Poetry Career Poem

The Greenygrey kicked me out of the Greenygrey Rambles blog today, and I had to give way to my wolf side as it had an emergency message to deliver for the North Rockies wolves.

I had a great blog prepared for Greenygrey’s Rambles, sorry if I’m rambling now, but I’m sure you’ll understand I was so prepared to ramble, and now have nowhere to go with it, and didn’t have any poetry prepared for this blog, so I’ve quickly come up with the following, which kind of entered my head this morning.

It describes a writer/poet’s possible career (maybe mine!?) and has similarities to one I did on a football career many moons ago. Cheers, and have a great weekend.

A Writer/Poet’s Life

ambition and achieve
fulfillment and fecund

perched on promised

block and barreness
obfuscate and obsured

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P.S. GG asked me to include this video and link to save the North Rockies wolves.

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