Double Mirror in Space: Saturn Equinox

Just came across a news story about the Cassini spacecraft witnessing two topics covered on Folding Mirror: an equinox on Saturn.

The mind boggles.

There is only one equinox every fifteen years on Saturn, whereas we have one twice a year, because we are much closer to the sun.


Haircut in a Mirror: Comedy Poetry …(I hope)

Today’s Folding Mirror poem is an attempt at comedy from Marc Latham which first appeared in The Pages.

Poem Explanation

The poem was created to fit into the Another Haircut? theme of a short book the House of Meredith published.

It’s just a bit of fun, and I hope you find it such.

Poem Structure

The words per lines mirror each other either side of the folding middle, with a words per line structure beginning and ending with the outer lines of:
8-7-5-6-4-8 (14) 8-4-6-5-7-8

The punctuation also mirrors pretty well, but not exactly.

The Poem

Haircut in a Mirror?

My hair’s too short, don’t get no shape;
need some wax, so people can tell
me I look real swell.
My hair’s gotten out of control,
can’t control the mass,
In my eyes and down to my ass.

Gotta get me a haircut, nice and trim, so people don’t think I’m dim

Now my hair’s too short to get shape,
can’t get no style,
my hair needs gel to excel.
hair is growing quickly now,
soon it’ll be, like two feet past
My neck and down, to eyes and ass.

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Fistful of Dollars Spaghetti Western Film Poem

Today’s Folding Mirror tells the story of the Fistful of Dollars film.

It was the first of a Sergio Leone trilogy starring Clint Eastwood, and was followed by For A Few Dollars More and The Good the Bad and the Ugly; they were all great films.

There is a link to more information about the film at the end.

Poem Explanation

The outer lines see the Man With No Name (Eastwood) ride in and out of town.

The next lines to the outers feature the competing sides in the battle for the town that is taking place: Sheriff Baxter and the Rojo Brothers.

The next lines feature a couple of allies the Man With No Name gains during the story: Piripero and Silvanito.

The Folding Middle line features the Man With No Name, who stands between the two sides during the film.

Poem Structure

The words per line in the poem mirror each side of the middle with a:
7-8-9 (7) 9-8-7 structure.

The punctuation also mirrors, with capital letters starting each line.

The Poem

Fistful of Dollars

A stranger rides into dusty San Miguel
Sheriff Baxter doesn’t like the look of him
The busy coffin maker Piripero is an unlikely ally

Man With No Name in the middle

The smiling inn keeper Silvanito is a relieved mate
Rojo Brothers want power and No Name dead
Out of San Miguel rides a liberator

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More information on the Fistful of Dollars Spaghetti Western film.

Marc Latham poem on Every Day Poets

Cheeky mention of a non Folding Mirror poem Marc Latham has had published on every day poets.

It does have some Folding Mirror significance, as Marc left a bio from his first poem published on the site, which was a Folding Mirror poem, and an observant reader noticed the second wasn’t a Folding Mirror!

Swan Summer Serenade is available on the every day poets poetry website.