Leeds City and Canal Poem

As tree-athlon running fever grips Leeds I thought it was time to publish this poem to the city of Leeds.

Leeds City Towpath Treasures

To the city of Leeds
with Kirkstall on the left.
Shy ponies and gliding hawks,
train tracks guiding country walks.
Supermarket, cinema and electricity mast;
the River Aire, flowing fast.
All the senses massaged in nectar,
good vibes infiltrating ever sector:
spring birds , in stereo sound,
filtering down from ears to ground;
rays of gold, honey sunshine,
carried on winds, oh so fine;
purple buds and leaves of green,
worship my old soul half as clean;
swans flying above create a whoosh,
new life frolics awaken a bush

On towpath I walk through sensory overload

feel my essence again alive inside
ducklings so innocent try to survive
please let the cute and lovable thrive
and bumble bees in homely hives
let them create, and help pollenate,
because their work, life intricate
on nature’s cycle it does infiltrate
our lives, in healthy food
nature providing earth’s own goodness
building blocks return like timely clocks.
Leeds Liverpool canal; stagnant still.
Park, factories and highrise flats
good for hiking over hills
static herons and hopping bunnies
that’s Armley on the right
To the city of Leeds

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