Yet Through the Pain Barrier we Write Poetry

*This poem has been revised since posting, which hopefully again shows the benefits of getting your work out there, although it can limit its publication possibilities of course. It has been revised because I thought the word ‘Yet’ in the middle of the poem warranted a ‘Through’ title, as it fits both the structure and sentiment of the poem.

What is your pain threshold? Do you work and play through the pain barrier?

Yet Through the Pain

From the pain I seem to stagnate
From the pain I seek to grow
From the pain I long to create
From the pain I hope to know


Is the pain really the answer why
Is the pain what makes me high
Is the pain integral to my being
Is the pain essential to my feeling

This poem appears in Marc Latham’s poetry collection published by Chipmunka.

Decisions, Decisions: Crossing the Rubicon Poem

Crossing the Rubicon

Decisions, decisions, should I bite the bait?
or should one wait, but will it be too late
I’d better make a decision
this is no time, for indecision

Crossing the Rubicon, like Caesar in 49

No going back now, no return
one chance only gotta learn
or crash and burn, no about turn across the Rubicon
Results, results, what was the final outcome?

A version of this poem first appeared in Marc Latham’s poetry collection.

Rich and Poor Divided by Railway Floor

Railway Line Division Vision

born on the right side of the tracks
wide roads and big houses
clean trimmed lawns
featuring Winner the labrador
and a sports car outside the garage door

Railway line divides the town

beat up rusty motor with the hood open
pitbull called Loser hoping
to taste freedom
back yards and wooden porches
born on the wrong side of the tracks

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String Theory Poem: Scientific Poetry

Watching a BBC Horizon documentary about Black Holes and how they could offer clues to the start of the universe reminded me of this Folding Mirror, which is included in the newly published Chipmunka poetry collection Bipolarity and ADHD to Folding Mirrors.

String Theory

Newton and Einstein
leptons and quarks
Gravitational theories, strong and weak
came the Theory of relativity
but it did not explain completely
It is just one half of

String theory: the meaning of everything

Is double the one half of
a scientific explanation that focused
on the Quantum mechanics of
weak and strong, Physical principles,
molecules and atoms
Einstein and Planck