Climate Change poem

I just wrote this and feel a little out of order, as the UN Copenhagen Climate Change conference does seem to be getting the attention of the world, and looks like there could be something good coming out of it.

If Copenhagen goes well, please think of this poem as retrospective, and if it goes pear-shaped please think of it as prophetic!

I rely on heating and fuel as much as most people, and don’t advocate giving them up totally, just doing what we can to keep the planet and all life forms (including humanity) as healthy as possible (well, apart from flies, maggots, cockroaches etc!).

Keeping it Clean: Humanity, Environment and Earth

Underground overground wombling free
we are humans in search of energy
houses need heating, travel needs fuel
we can do what we want, cos we rule
Planet Earth is ours to utilise
we don’t have to harmonise
our material lives are finite
we only care what’s innit
for us and our generation
so lets all have a celebration

Tipping point on the environmental precipice?

put another log on the fire
Planet Earth’s funeral pyre
chop down all the forests
kill mother nature’s florists
let’s make more greenhouse gases
clone more cows and eat out of their arses
It’s not our fault, it’s happened before
but not in my lifetime I do implore
let’s leave it to those in the future
to clean up our mess that lands on their shore.


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