Happy New Year Poets and Poetry Lovers

Happy New Year from Marc Latham and fmpoetry. Here’s a poem I just created as I felt a little seasonal inspiration flow. It mirrors words per line each side:
8-6-9-8 (9) 8-9-6-8
and the top half rhymes along with 2009 while the bottom rhymes along with 2010.

Enjoy and best wishes for 2010. Thanks for spending some of 2009 here!

New Year 2010 Poem

Auld Lang Syne my poetry friends of mine
please start singing goodbye to 2009
the year is nearly over but lets not pine
not while there’s life in the sparkling wine

celebrate the year and give wishes for the next

crack open the cool beer year women men
the new year almost upon us once again then
here’s looking forward with hope 2010
let’s hope it’s a good one once again

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year Poets and Poetry Lovers”

  1. Hi Marc, Happy New Year to you, So sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier, I did intend to write something for you – then everything went pear shaped. I’ve hardly posted anything on my blogs since September, but I’m back on my feet now, and The NaiSaiKu Challenge? is running again from today too.

    btw, love the end line rhymes in this piece, I think you’ve just given me a great idea… Phew!

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