Hourglass of Time and Life Poem by Claire Knight

Today we have the second of three recent Folding Mirror poems by Claire Knight. This one is really innovative, with the hourglass shape providing a striking design for the story of life contained in the poem.

Thanks for the groundbreaking poem and design Claire, and I hope you continue twisting the FM mould.

Hourglass of Time

is birth a blank page? or a weighty tome
crammed full of ingrained wisdom
and lesson plans to draw on
as we climb the hill
of learning and
striving until
on the peak
we turn:
a change of
view sliding
down with ease
the relentless decline
grains of truth spill between
our hands until the sands run out
and the tome of life swells with more pages

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8 thoughts on “Hourglass of Time and Life Poem by Claire Knight”

  1. Thanks for sharing this on Facebook, Caroline. When I was studying poetry at various stages (University of CA) this was known as a shape
    poem. I like the way the hourglass changes with the words, “we turn.” Lovely, Claire.

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