Claire Knight’s Valentine’s Day Rose Poem

Today we’ve got another Folding Mirror poem by Claire Knight, which was inspired by a BBC programme called Murder on the Lake.

It was about the all too common battle between economy and environment, and a woman who ended up losing her life as she tried to protect the latter.

Thanks again to Claire for creating and sharing her poetry here, and I hope you enjoy reading it.

The Poem

Valentine’s Day Rose

a magnificent sunrise paints the dawn sky
as the waves of Lake Naivasha lap gently
onto a shore fringed with papyrus
in a pink cloud flamingos fly in and settle on the water
later hippos will move in to laze the day in the
cooling margins only nostrils and eyes above the surface
herds of giraffe and buffalo frequent the area
along with many exotic birds e.g. black heron
fish eagles pied kingfisher and lovebirds
water lilies carpet Kenya’s only freshwater lake
where centuries of ecology harmony have existed … until

when the flower industry moves into the area

acres and acres of poly tunnels spring up
nurturing the precious blooms of roses
and carnations for the European market
warehouses arise with rows and rows of conveyor belts
migrant workers flock from afar to this mecca of employment
their hastily erected slum dwellings crowd the plains
the once thick acacia woods cloaking the
surrounding hills are felled for fire wood
pesticides and insecticides pollute the lake…
a couple sit at a table eyes of love red roses a gift for her
as the sunset fades in a February sky

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