Television Documentary and Humour Poem

Today’s FM poem was inspired by my television viewing taste, which can range from enlightening documentaries such as Wonders of the Solar System to controversial comedy programmes like South Park.

I think both types of television programmes have their uses and merits, but some people might consider them at different polars of the television spectrum, with documentaries having the highest cultural value, and anarchic comedy the lowest.

The Poem

Wonders of the South Park Solar System

while wandering deep space high
with matey prof Bri
entertainingly explaining wonders of solar system
just makes me want to listen
and learn about planets and stars
Saturn’s amazing, but what about Mars

Return to Earth, turn the channel, we’re going down to South Park

Stan’s funny, but what about Cartman
crass humour about life and dictum
just makes me want to laugh
intelligently parodying society on our behalf
Trey’s not in person
cartoon characters do his cussing

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