Pendulum’s Immersion Album Cover Interpretation Poem

This Folding Mirror poem by Marc Latham interprets the Pendulum album cover for their new Immersion album.

Pendulum's Immersion Album Cover
Pendulum's Immersion Album Cover

The poem mirrors in words per line:

7-7-6-5 (5) 5-6-7-7

The Poem

Immersion Meeting Mirror

dance, dance, dance to the sweet watercolour
move in rhythm with the ocean dancer
sound of light shining from above
moving emotions of liquid love

central sunbeam illuminates magic moment

man woman meet in synchronicity
nemos watch the truly romantic sea
come alive to welcome this mystery couple
meet, greet, heat and stay immersion supple

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Alphabet Poem Forms a Folding Mirror

This Folding Mirror poem by Marc Latham has a word beginning with each letter of the alphabet.

The 26 letters run consecutively from A-Z, and are mirrored in a 5-4-3 (2) 3-4-5 formation.

Moreover, the five words in the outer lines all have five letters; the four words in the next lines in have four letters each; and the same for the threes and twos.

All the words are found in the (to save you looking them up as I did, vapid means: Lacking taste, zest, or flavor; flat. xeric means: Relating or adapted to an extremely dry habitat. Succulents such as cacti, aloes, and agaves are xeric plants) and hopefully make some sense together, although you might have to make it up yourself!?

The Poem

Alphabetica Mirroretica

above broad crags delve elves
fear goat hell imps
jar kit lid
me no
our pro quo
road star take unto
vapid waked xeric yawns zesty

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Vote Paper is the Planet’s Gold?

I was just going to cheekily put up a link to my slogan for the WWF and TetraPak initiative to save the planet’s forests, but then this little FM ditty came out. So hopefully you’ll like it, and like the idea enough to vote for Paper is the Planet’s Gold.

There’s more details after the poem.

The Poem

Gold and Paper Compared

gold is dazzling
yellow shiny metal
glowing like spring’s
flower petal
brightening up the world

Paper is the Planet’s Gold

trees colour the land
wearing many
shades they stand
silently absorbing carbon
and providing paper

The Cause

WWF and Tetrapak have joined up for an exciting new initiative where you can enter a slogan to help promote renewability. Tetrapak have pledged to donate £1 for every idea entered, and 10 pence for every vote to WWF’s forest saving work.

My slogan was: Paper is the Planet’s Gold and the explanation is that it would hopefully help people:

Compare the value of gold in global financial markets to trees for Planet Earth’s life. This will hopefully emphasise the value of paper and other products derived from living sources, and the need to use them sparingly and recycle as much as possible.

Win a Panda, Tiger or Dolphin

By voting you can win a WWF ‘Adopt Animal’ gift, such as adopting a panda, tiger or dolphin for free. So please vote for Paper is the Planet’s Gold!

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British Politics and Coalition Government Poem

Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem uses the deal made between the Conservative (Tories) and Liberal-Democrat political parties after last week’s British general election as its topic.

The coalition seems to be going well so far, and so well in fact that the media have today been comparing the two leaders, David Cameron and Nick Clegg, to legendary comedy double act, Morcambe and Wise, after yesterday’s joint conference.

They do seem a good partnership, and seem to be talking mostly good sense at the moment, so I hope they can dig Britain out of its current economic woes while also preserving the environment.

The poem rhymes a bit and the subjects of each line (outer and outer etc) and the word count (7-6-7-8-4-4 (10) 4-4-8-7-6-7) mirror.

The Poem

British Electorate Reunite Long Lost Political Twins

David Cameron is the new Tory PM
the highest office of Great Britain
the blue flag moved into Downing Street
a most British revolution the media see it
coalition politics with commonsense
not sleazy scandal selfishness

the British public cross their fingers, one over the other

the people attended first
we’re over recession worst
nice to see you to see you nice
the yellow banner makes you look twice
the deputy job bartered for pact
Nick Clegg is Liberal DM double act

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Music of Silence Poem by Vinay Ravindranath

Here is a hauntingly beautiful mirror poem by Vinay Ravindranath from Bangalore in India, who writes under the pen name Leo at the very impressive I Rhyme Without Reason website. You can see the original posting of this poem combined with a complementary image from the website link.

Thanks to Vinay for creating the poem and allowing it to be re-published here.

The Poem

Music of Silence

Music of silence
Enticing eyes, dark of night
Found is true solace
Mind is calm now; calm is mind
Solace true is found
Night of dark eyes enticing
Silence of music

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New Blog Theme for This Site

Regular visitors will notice the blog’s got a new theme. The first since June 2009.

Twenty Ten by the WordPress Team replaces Tarski by Ben Eastaugh and Chris Sternal-Johnson

It again has relevance for the Folding Mirror concept, with the two lines of trees divided by the path in the middle. Is the person on the path a poet?

Lost in Transition: the Cloud as Blanket and Secret Passageway

Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem focuses on a plane landing through thick cloud, with the top half told from the point of view of someone on the plane, and the bottom half from somebody on the ground. The Folding Middle line features the cloud, which becomes a transition point for the poem.

The poem mirrors in words per line.

The Poem

Jet Landing Through Cloud

out of this World
above is only void
infinite distance
stretches higher than sight
blanket cloud below
lower altitude approach
returning to rock
through the magic cumulus door

Space out of sight, plane comes into view

distant light shines like star
time grows orb
awaiting landing position
airport calling home
runway provides welcome mat
finite length
below is only ground
landing back on Earth


Photo by Crissie Hardy

Photo by Dan Collier

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