Lost in Transition: the Cloud as Blanket and Secret Passageway

Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem focuses on a plane landing through thick cloud, with the top half told from the point of view of someone on the plane, and the bottom half from somebody on the ground. The Folding Middle line features the cloud, which becomes a transition point for the poem.

The poem mirrors in words per line.

The Poem

Jet Landing Through Cloud

out of this World
above is only void
infinite distance
stretches higher than sight
blanket cloud below
lower altitude approach
returning to rock
through the magic cumulus door

Space out of sight, plane comes into view

distant light shines like star
time grows orb
awaiting landing position
airport calling home
runway provides welcome mat
finite length
below is only ground
landing back on Earth


Photo by Crissie Hardy

Photo by Dan Collier

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3 thoughts on “Lost in Transition: the Cloud as Blanket and Secret Passageway”

  1. I can relate to this, Marc. Perhaps you could add photos to it as well. I am due to fly off to the USA tomorrow unless that ash cloud returns.

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