Alphabet Poem Forms a Folding Mirror

This Folding Mirror poem by Marc Latham has a word beginning with each letter of the alphabet.

The 26 letters run consecutively from A-Z, and are mirrored in a 5-4-3 (2) 3-4-5 formation.

Moreover, the five words in the outer lines all have five letters; the four words in the next lines in have four letters each; and the same for the threes and twos.

All the words are found in the (to save you looking them up as I did, vapid means: Lacking taste, zest, or flavor; flat. xeric means: Relating or adapted to an extremely dry habitat. Succulents such as cacti, aloes, and agaves are xeric plants) and hopefully make some sense together, although you might have to make it up yourself!?

The Poem

Alphabetica Mirroretica

above broad crags delve elves
fear goat hell imps
jar kit lid
me no
our pro quo
road star take unto
vapid waked xeric yawns zesty

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