Planck Universe Image in a Folding Mirror Poem

The European Space Agency (ESA) this week released an image they’d built up out of scans of the universe by the Planck telescope, which is situated a million miles from Earth on its ‘night side’.

The Planck Telescope Universe Image

Our Milky Way galaxy appears as a line in the middle of the image, and so that inspired the Folding Mirror poem below.

It mirrors with a words per line structure of:
4-3-6-5-6-9-9-12 (13) 12-9-9-6-5-6-3-4

The Universe in a Planck

orchid north pole of
cosmic microwave background
radiation. The oldest light of the
Universe; remnants of big bang:
a quite spectacular space travel sharabang.
Cool blue ocean web of new forming stars, contains
dust and gas creating pillars of nebulas, stretch thousands
of light years high through infinity time: birth without fears or tears.
Earth and Sun nestle within Milky Way main disc shining along the fold
we gaze unto deep sky space without seeing spirals within sky gold
protostars grown T Tauri, red giants flickering goodbye die
in cold streams of light, worlds born beyond sight.
Travelling thirteen billion years south time
just ride streams descending down
the beginnings of the life chime
resembling marigold pastures
on creation’s south pole

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