Humanity, Ants and Aliens Poem by Claire Knight

Here is another clever and eloquent FM poem by Claire Knight. Claire kindly interpreted my recent article trying to rationalise humanity and Earth’s place in the universe and beyond within this poem, and big thanks to her for taking the time to read my article, analyse it, and then create this wonderful poem from it. fANTastic!

Ant Theory – according to Marc Latham

ants from above that inspired original article

enigmas spiral forever:
tiny ants traverse pathways over the ground
oblivious of earthbound humans
no need to know, need to hurry
focused in their thoughts and deeds:
at these diligent creatures
we two-leggeds watch, ponder and wonder

truths entwine eternity

perhaps aliens watch, ponder and wonder
at we intelligent creatures,
focused in our thoughts and deeds
no need to hurry, need to know:
curious of earthbound humans
space beings traverse pathways across the void
enigmas smile forever!

people from above by J. Elliott-Abshire

The article on Existential.

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