Poetically Going the Distance Through Time and Space: Movie to Science Poem

Sorry if this seems a bit pretentious, and getting carried away with it all, but this is what I’m trying to do for a living, and this is where this morning’s thoughts led me, with no plans to post here today at the start of my computer time. You may say get a real job, but I’ve already got one, and it takes up the majority of my time. So if you want more thoughts like this please buy my book if you have some spare cash, and are going to waste it somewhere else, and I may be able to escape into creativity more often. Cheers.

Going the Distance advert

It all started when I recollected seeing the above advert for the new Going the Distance film, which uses a bridge in the advert and has the tagline: a movie about meeting half-way.

Very FMish I thought, and that led to the following thoughts and ended with another FM idea I’ve had and have been thinking how to use: Einstein’s space-time theory, with a model image after the poem.

A Member of the Human Race Between Time and Place

I have physically travelled to the corners of the world
and would have liked to have experienced farther.


some memories retained, some thoughts shared


I have mentally imagined to the edges of the universe
and would have liked to have known further.

Light Cone Model of Time and Space

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