New Poem Reflecting on Reality and the Reality of Reflections

They say the camera never lies, but does a mirror reflection?  Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem falls from cosmic lucidity to earthly shadows as he reflects on what we can see on the surface…and below it.  

Marc took these two photos at different times, and only realised how reflective they are when he uploaded them to the computer!  

Here’s the poem:   

cosmic lucidity

Reflecting on Reality, the Reality of Reflections  

clear sky with island clouds
sun shines brightly down
over trees of olive
peppering the horizon
broad as daylight
as realistic as rockery  

Water is clear, clarity is what?  

is reflection my conclusion
muddied by illusion
filtered through memory
timber floating on wind
yellow orb periscopes up
from tea filled blue cup  

sky in water

This poem was created amongst the Leeds Canal Towpath Treasures

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