Poem Inspired by a Margerine Advert and Environmentalism

This poem was inspired by a few thoughts and the Clover margarine advert.  The advert’s narrative proclaims that it is nice in the centre of society’s extremes, as Clover promotes its product as being in the middle of the butter/marge  health/taste extremes.  The title also plays on the Cloverfield film title, as I recently saw for movie for the first time.

As society becomes a little greener, and I’m not totally green, I guess I’m not far from the centre of the UK environment spectrum now.  So although it’s partly autobiographical, it’s more about those living on the extremes of environmentalism.

There are some environmentalists who live in what seems an extreme way to those in the centre, but they probably believe that they have to live like that just to balance those who don’t do anything to protect the environment, or even disregard it to the point of wilfully damaging it. The latter are not generally considered extremists or out of centre.

Cloverfield Central

I don’t wanna seem an extremist
On the outside of the limit
I’d rather be heading towards centre
On a butter sweet halcyon adventure

What’s stopping me, is what’s not limiting you

It’s easy to appear society’s norm
In a culture based on conform
To waste and want necessarily above
Protecting life’s riches and planetary love

I also wrote an article about hegemony theory that is relevant to this topic, as it discusses how some groups in society are inside or outside society’s acceptability.  It’s on Suite 101

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