Book Burning: Two Thousand Years of Monotheistic Sillyness Poem

Marc Latham latest FM poem is a comment on the book burning controversy that’s been going on over the last few days, as well as all the other crimes done by those proclaiming to be working in the name of a good God; and how he thinks it shows up all the sillyness and destruction that the monotheistic religions have been spreading around the world for two thousand years… with no respite in sight judging from the media and believers’ reactions!

Not that everything done by the religions is bad, or all the believers at fault, but there has been a lot of what they would consider devilish acts done in the name of the monotheistic religions, and they have many a time created Hell on Earth.

Long after Jesus Christ is said to have left the Earth, the Devil was created out of pagan gods like Pan, who were then disposed with.  The poem therefore makes the point that the Devil is only in those who believe in it.  The title is derived from an old horror film.

The Devil Rides Out…Of You!

Devil, Devil,
repent thyself,
the Devil must be
within you, because
you don’t believe
in what we say.

pagan gods Frankensteined to Devil

you say what pays
and create fear
around us, with
the Devil inside you.
your belief,
Devil, Devil.

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