Peace Day Poem

It’s Peace Day today, so Marc Latham thought he’d write a little poem to celebrate the day.  He’d like to think there’ll be peace in the foreseeable future, but unfortunately doesn’t expect it!  Here’s the poem:                                       


Peace is in the air
don’t let it get in your hair,
grab it woman and man
it doesn’t come in a can
like beans or mushy peas,
it’s carried on the warm breeze
that sometimes blows through
valleys and villages, me and you,

catch the spirit and run with it

mountains and towns, them and us,
peace vibe causes hush,
after centuries of war the time
to consider hate a crime
may well be upon our Earth,
can you deliver its birth
or will you let it slip again
until your God knows when.

I was alerted to the day by Care2, which has free ecards for all occasions.

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