Chile Mine Rescue Location Poem

Another picture of Atacama desert with the sun...
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The Chile mine rescue was a great good news story this week, and it reminded Marc Latham of a Folding Mirror poem he wrote a while ago, after Wendy Webb of the Norfolk Poets, Tips and Etips requested contributions to a Crossing Deserts ebook.  Marc Latham thought his experience of travelling high and low in Chile’s Andean Atacama desert would fit the Crossing Deserts theme, and the Folding Mirror format would be an ideal format, so he wrote this poem:

ATM in the AM: Atacama Thought Mission in the Morning

high in the Andes
on an early morning sojourn
passing lakes of clear cerulean
nestled amongst snow capped zeniths
our bus plummets

through the moon valley plateau

into fertile Camanchaca
hydrated by marine fog agua
vizcachas bask in golden sun
follow the rays for fun
low on the Pacific

Thanks also to Wendy for including Marc Latham’s Sights of the Sagarmatha Himalayas poem in the latest Tips, and Caroline Gill poetry for publicising it.

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