New Halloween Week Poem Interprets Rock Music’s Alice Cooper Cover

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To begin Halloween week, Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem interprets rock music legend Alice Cooper‘s Alice Does Alice 2010 record cover, which is featured below, and seems to have a mirror format.

The mirror theme seems to be common and recurrent in Alice creator, Vincent Furnier’s work, and the album cover to your right also seems very much in line with a folding mirror.


The poem:


 All Cooper

Alice, meet Cooper
under the moonlight
Furnier’s alter ego
could just become your hero
if you’ll get to know him
in amongst all that din

Getting to grips with the relationship

having a heart to heart
two hands in one play part
palm and neck closely embrace
snarling Vincent’s face
beside the firelight
Cooper, meet Alice

Edited after expert advice from Annie Sisk. Thanks Annie.

5 thoughts on “New Halloween Week Poem Interprets Rock Music’s Alice Cooper Cover”

  1. Interesting piece – but something took me right out of it, sorry : I’m an avid (rabid?) Alice fan, and his birth surname is spelled “Furnier.” Not “Fournier.”

    What if you took out the “rock” in line 3? It almost scans better without it (“Furnier’s alter ego/Could just become your hero”) – almost, actually very much like one of Cooper’s lyrics (thinking of “Black Widow” now – “These words he says are true/We’re all humanary stew/If we don’t pay allegiance to/The Black Widow”) …

    Cool stuff!

  2. Thanks for your welcome and expert advice Annie, and I’ve edited the post and poem in line with your advice.

    Please return whenever possible, and if you’d like to create a poem or two they’d be very welcome.

    Happy Halloween!

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