New Folding Mirror Poems Published Elsewhere and Updated Here

Saturn eclipsing the sun, seen from behind fro...
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Hi, a few good news stories to present here today.

Planet of the Rings poem to be part of a Saturn Celebration

I was delighted to receive a request from Alison Eales to include my Saturn poem, Planet of the Rings in an event she is taking part in at the Glasgow Science Centre Planetarium – a celebration of the planet Saturn, featuring an educational talk and video of the Cassini-Huygens mission as well as a song cycle.

Thanks to Alison for using the poem, and best of luck for the event.

Folding Mirror Poem Published

Islands of the Sky and Sea has now been published on the Poets for Living Waters open mic site. 

Thanks to them for giving it an additional home amongst lots of great poems for a valuable charity initiative.

Folding Mirror poems on this site updated

I have also updated the poems on this site, and am pleased to say there are now 141 poems on this site.

The list is available in the Poems and Poetry on this Site  post.


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