Poem Plays with Words and Pays World

Disparities Solution Center Anniversary Event
Image by Office of Governor Patrick via Flickr
Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem has a social conscience.  Although its message is not new, it tries for originality with its use of words and rhyming.
The top half of the poem has a double rhyming of ‘ity’ words on the top half, and the bottom half has a double rhyming of ‘ion’ words.
Does that make sense?  Please check it out for yourself:
Simplicate, Implicate, Complicate
Homo-sapiens became the height of clarity and hilarity
knowledge of sanity at backend of insanity
yet impoverished humanity can’t break parity from disparity
human is in the middle of inhumanity
media show images of construction coming before destruction
leaders use rigged elections or God’s intervention
justifying wars and excusing pollution is our evolution

Poem Drawing on Scientific Developments

M82: Images From Space Telescopes Produce Stun...
Image by Smithsonian Institution via Flickr

Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem looks at how humanity’s ability to search into space and scan the brain are developing at a fast pace.  Together, they are increasing our knowledge of the worlds beyond our vision in outer space and inner mind.  Here it is:

Space Brain Becoming Plain

looking upwards at night
we see dark mass and stars bright
telescopes reach beyond our eyes
showing wonders cloaked by skies

seeing out – looking in

new scientific inventions in psychology
scan behaviour from minds’ chemistry
where we only see sparks or oblivion
closed eyes inner vision

Earth Hour Poem

Earth Hour 2008
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Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem is dedicated to tonight’s (Saturday 26th March) WWF Earth Hour, which is 20:30 to 21:30 UK time.

Earth Hour

Saturday excitement
daytime light sent
but departs around six or seven
darkness takes over the heavens
lights switch on, cook evening meal
prepare for night with special feel

Earth Hour: a time for calm and contemplation

time passes emptied glasses spirits high
continue special night, knowing reason why
energy saved a message sent
planet’s precious resources are not lent
there’s time tonight
future’s bright

New Poem: Spring is Here, but Play it by Ear

For an instruction simplified sun's traectory ...
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Marc Latham’s new Folding Mirror poem celebrates the arrival of spring in the northern hemisphere.  And here it is:

Ring a Ding Ding, it’s Spring

green is the trampoline
into spring
bounce on sunshine
cross the finishing line
long evenings of light
bing bang dynamite

vernal equinox unlocks equator

ending cold explosives
short dark days unfolded
started early last year
increased risk hypothermia
goodbye winter
white slippery ice fear

Poem telling a story of youth to middle-age

3 Generations (in the Fog of Life)
Image by Gilderic via Flickr

Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem started off autobiographical but then he thought it worked better as a fictional piece.

And without further ado, here it is:

Middle-Age Memories

back in the day never fancied old age
it looked boring as beige
didn’t think future
couldn’t see juncture
no need to worry
plan responsibility
don’t have to behave
in an early grave

enter middle-age, rage caged

what now for I’m
fifty years and alive
remember rebel
how used to tell
self no compromise
maybe youth’d empathise
if he’d known my life
after the night he picked up the knife

Poem Comparing Mike Starr and Charlie Sheen

Cover of "Dirt"
Cover of Dirt

Marc Latham’s new Folding Mirror poem pays tribute to Mike Starr, and also draws attention to Charlie Sheen, within the high and low form.  Here it is used to try and highlight the fine line between success and survival, and decline and death, when you start playing that game; not suggesting at all that Starr was playing the same game as Sheen seems to be, or that he is lower than Sheen; just that he has gone under.

Mike Starr recently became the second member of Seattle grunge band, Alice in Chains, to die from drugs.

Alice in Chains classic Dirt album

The band sung of their demons and addictions on the classic album, Dirt, which included the track Junkhead.

It was one of the best albums of the 1990s, and seems all the more real and haunting since bassist Starr and vocalist, Layne Staley, have prematurely left us.

Charlie Sheen is Playing with Media?

Meanwhile, Charlie Sheen is creating a media frenzy with his over the top antics, and past use of narcotics.

This blog isn’t to judge or advise, just to try to show two sides of a serious issue within a short poem.

Mike Starr R.I.P

I can’t claim to have known that much about Mike Starr, or followed the band much.  I just loved one album, and liked most of the other stuff.

But Starr was obviously a talented musician and Alice in Chains sang about a lot of the issues that still trouble the West and world.

R.I.P Mike Starr.  Best of luck Charlie Sheen.


Life Reality and Media Publicity

Charlie Sheen
relishing living his dream
within media screen.
Should one criticise,
a publicity exercise?

Abyss, Abyss, each time you think you’ll miss

junkhead down under!
lost soul asunder.
rock music dreams
social cares fuel nightmares
Mike Starr

Poem: God May be Out There, But Very Busy

Under the Bridge (30 seconds)
Image by juandiegojr via Flickr

Here’s a new Folding Mirror poem by Marc Latham that was first published in a weekend day trilogy on the Greenygrey blog.

The trilogy contained sixteen poems and thoughts written while Marc read and reviewed Norman Bissett’s new poetry collection, Painting the Bridge.

The poem particularly refers to those who try to win favours from god with acts of war.



For God’s Sake

If there is a


it gave  you


for love of


is that not enough

Words are Like…Poetry Tree…Koala (ity)

Phascolarctos cinereus Koala eating eucalyptus...
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Trouble with studying something is that people think the negative about it.  Study psychology and people think you want to read their minds; study politics and people think you want to be a politician; study zoology and people think you want to be a zoo…or an animal…you know how it is…

Anyway, this little poem by Marc Latham doesn’t mean that he is some kind of clear and calculating communicator, as most people who know him will testify.

It’s just a best policy poem, and in Marc’s experience is possible sometimes, when needed, for short periods, but life would be boring if you thought about everything you said or wrote before releasing it onto the world.

P.S.  Only realised after uploading the photo how greenygrey the koala and eucalyptus leaves image is.  Eerie!

Quality Words are like
Koala(ity) on a Eucalyptus Tree at Sunset

thoughts enter mind
think how they’ll be perceived
release them when sure

communicate and wait

watch for their reception
think how they’re being decoded
prepare for response