Words are Like…Poetry Tree…Koala (ity)

Phascolarctos cinereus Koala eating eucalyptus...
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Trouble with studying something is that people think the negative about it.  Study psychology and people think you want to read their minds; study politics and people think you want to be a politician; study zoology and people think you want to be a zoo…or an animal…you know how it is…

Anyway, this little poem by Marc Latham doesn’t mean that he is some kind of clear and calculating communicator, as most people who know him will testify.

It’s just a best policy poem, and in Marc’s experience is possible sometimes, when needed, for short periods, but life would be boring if you thought about everything you said or wrote before releasing it onto the world.

P.S.  Only realised after uploading the photo how greenygrey the koala and eucalyptus leaves image is.  Eerie!

Quality Words are like
Koala(ity) on a Eucalyptus Tree at Sunset

thoughts enter mind
think how they’ll be perceived
release them when sure

communicate and wait

watch for their reception
think how they’re being decoded
prepare for response


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