Poem of Life Metaphors Death Valley Travel

Image by ElCapitan via Flickr
Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem uses a Death Valley desert drive as a metaphor for a life being lived.
It follows The Futility of Life and Death as the second poem of three inspired by the film Control, a biopic about the singer Ian Curtis.
That had a tragic ending, but this poem tries to provide a positive one, and reminded the poet of Blondie’s 11.59 when he read it back.  The Debbie Harry story provides a positive ending to balance the Ian Curtis one, so enjoy the weekend!
Driving Through the Desert
Think I’m about half way through.
Doing alright but my gasket blew
a while back, and don’t think it’s
working like it did.  Map of the world
on my mind, but can’t see beyond
the horizon, and don’t like looking back.
Trying to stay on the road takes attention
that I don’t always have, which can cause
anxiety and apprehension.  Think I’ve got
enough gasoline for the
one-way journey through Death Valley
but not beyond return
or anywhere further.  Dead end destruction
was your destination, think it always was fated
that you’d drive your way in that direction.
Look ahead, just keep foot down driving
you’re alive for now, and that’s forever.
This moment is you.  Your time in life
beyond all else.  Drive, drive, you’re alive.
Cruise and speed when you like
there’s only deserted road in sight.

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