OCD Poetry: Making Light of Mental Health

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Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem tries to find a lighter side to OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder), which David Beckham is supposed to suffer from in a not serious way, but can be fatal for some people.
Arts and Minds Mental Health Philosophy
Finding a lighter side to raise awareness of this serious issue is in line with the philosophy of Arts and Minds, Leeds, which Marc Latham is a member of.  If anybody would like more information, there is an OCD-UK charity, and probably one in your country.  Marc Latham knows this poem is unlikely to cure anybody of OCD, but hopes it will do more good than harm.
The Poem

Turning Around OCD

cod doc
file of fish
only control direction
obvious central division
obsession can’t deliver
doctor of fish
doc cod

Exclusive New Version of See Below Sea Poem

Iceberg near north-eastern coast of Baffin Island
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Everyday Poets kindly published Marc Latham’s See Below Sea this week (May 17th).  Here’s another version with the bottom half’s top two lines
(old experiences long forgotten
some ambitions not yet lived)
This site would like to publish all FMs here first, but think it is also important to try to publicise the form on other sites, and that means meeting their requirements.
To be fair to poets who publish here for free, we don’t think we should take payments for the poems.
I hope you enjoy it, and thanks for your votes and comments on the EDP site.  Cheers, and enjoy the weekend!

See Below Sea

of the
is all you see,
the growth that shows
from the block supporting me
ships sailing past lifetime memory
what is above is not what is below
old melted chunks long forgotten
desired water not yet frozen
you look for reality
in a misty sea,
who is

Look to the Sky when the Clouds are High

Cloud Iridescence
Image by Jason Pratt via Flickr
The latest Folding Mirror poem by Marc Latham is on the topic of iridescence in the sky, which has been one of Marc’s favourite revelations in the twenty-first century.
When Marc saw his first cloud iridescence he had not heard of the phenomenon, and thought it might be a vision, until he looked it up on the internet and found out it was a relatively common occurrence.
The best chance of seeing it is on high clouds around sunset and sunrise.
They are so beautiful that they do seem heavenly, so Marc understands how people might have interpreted them as heavenly messages before science analysed them.
Everything could still be godly messages of course, and we just understand how some of god’s science works now.
Anyway, here’s the poem, enjoy!:
Diffraction Delivers Sensory Satisfaction 
light waves travel time and space
unnoticed by us on our Earthly base
until reaching cloud ice, dust and water
refraction leads to diffraction
creating exquisite sky corona, halos and rainbows
brightening up the void above most senses
space and time shown through iridescence

Poetry and Memoir Book Event at Waterstones

Marc Latham enjoyed his book event at Waterstones, Leeds and it was a fun and good experience.  Thanks to the staff and customers for making it a well organised and hassle free event.
Here’s some photos of Marc and his display, which included old t-shirts, diaries, magazines and his passport from back in the day when he was being inspired to write and then actually writing.