Exclusive New Version of See Below Sea Poem

Iceberg near north-eastern coast of Baffin Island
Image via Wikipedia
Everyday Poets kindly published Marc Latham’s See Below Sea this week (May 17th).  Here’s another version with the bottom half’s top two lines
(old experiences long forgotten
some ambitions not yet lived)
This site would like to publish all FMs here first, but think it is also important to try to publicise the form on other sites, and that means meeting their requirements.
To be fair to poets who publish here for free, we don’t think we should take payments for the poems.
I hope you enjoy it, and thanks for your votes and comments on the EDP site.  Cheers, and enjoy the weekend!

See Below Sea

of the
is all you see,
the growth that shows
from the block supporting me
ships sailing past lifetime memory
what is above is not what is below
old melted chunks long forgotten
desired water not yet frozen
you look for reality
in a misty sea,
who is

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