British Summertime Greys Limit Harmful UV Rays

Cloudy Day at The Beach
Image by StarMama via Flickr
Sun is Strange,
Rain is Rare,
Cloud is Consistent,
Dryness can be persistent.
In what has been forecast to be a mostly cloudy few days in the UK, Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem dwells on this dull but calm type of weather, which is probably the norm in Britain, but because of its uneventfulness often passes unremembered.
This is the essence of Greenygrey.  Here is the poem:
Times of Dry
about time.
Where have
you been?
in a month
of Sundays,
I bask under
your golden rays.
dry cloudy normality
Ice water drops
drain my day,
stopping play.
Pours on weekend.
it seems
wetter than
reality is.

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