Celebrity Greenygreying Takes Over from Planking

Map of the Top Gear test track. Created with A...
Image via Wikipedia

Tis the season to be greenygreying.  As the planking craze grew this year, many plankers planked in exotic locations over the summer, but now that autumn is here, with its tradition of grey skies and auburn tinged green landscapes, it seems that celebrities are choosing to greenygrey.

Celebrities Hanging Out in Greenygrey

In the 1970s celebrities saw an appearance on the Morecambe and Wise Christmas show as a sign that they’d made it, and it was similar for being featured in the Simpsons afterwards.

Now, it seems that celebrities are eager to be seen with and on the Greenygrey.  Just a little sojourn through the BBC website yesterday, in search of Ocean Giants, drew attention to several celebrities greenygreying.

Top Gear, Flog It, Village SOS Join the Craze

For example, Top Gear chose a nice grey landing strip and sky, flanked by green grass location for their latest episode’s iplayer cover (as well as basing their test track on greenygrey, as seen in the above image).  It does just invite you to jump into the episode doesn’t it, with the promise of lots more greenygrey.

Flog It put a grey sofa in a green field to create a greenygrey effect.  It’s very innovative, but they could have waited for grey skies in the background to make it perfick!

Meanwhile, in Village SOS, Sarah Beeny held a potplant to add green to her grey jacket.  Ingenious.

Great stuff, and enjoy your greenygreying over the weekend.


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