Vegetarianism will Save the Planet…Greenygrey World?

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Hi, it’s Lobo the Librarian, the best balanced bookworm in the Greenygrey world.  I was just looking at the BNT website and saw an interesting article about a book called The Vegetarian Myth.  The article was titled: Why Vegetarianism Will Not Save the World.  And then, lo and behold, to my severe shock and slight surprise, there was a nice comment under the greenygrey name.  Some of the highlights of the Greenygrey comment were:

There are loads of top sportspeople and intellectuals that are vegetarians, including legendary bodybuilder, Al Beckles; international marathon runner, Sally Eastall; and  three time World Memory Champion, Andi Bell.

The Shaolin monks don’t seem to do too badly on it either!

I think it’s about getting the nutrition right, and not about meat v vegetarian, although I’m no expert, and different bodies have different requirements; some might need some fish or meat?

I don’t know if I’m helping the world, but think it probably is better overall from what I know, and especially with the rise of the ‘dairy super-farms’ etc.


Hi, it’s Lobo, I’m back.  And the above is not even the weirdist thing about it all.

The Weirdist Thing is the Greenygreyness of it All

Because I followed the article’s link to the website of the author, Lierre Keith, and it was all done out in greenygrey, and she has a classic greenygrey look herself.

Moreover, I then looked up famous vegetarians, and it led me to a vegan wolf website that was all done out in…you guessed it…greenygrey.

I thought the Greenygrey was quite groundbreaking being a veggie werewolf, but a vegan wolf I did never imagine…but seeing is believing…

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