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Hi, it’s Green.  Exciting news for all the Greenygreyologists out there; and not literary nonsense at all.  We’ve captured the 27 best greenygrey moments from the BBC’s Romantics: Nature documentary, and turned it into a youtube film for our Greenygrey3 channel.

New Green (and Grey) Video: Romantic Nature

The video is also below, for your utmost convenience, because we think you are very busy peoples (sorry for that Orlovism, but meerkatish is quite addictive).

Romantics clips: Green and Grey Nature

The video starts with ten wholly nature clips:

  • 3 combine green fields and trees with grey cloud above the horizon
  • 2 combine green fields and hills with grey river and cloud
  • 2 have green forests amongst grey mountains
  • 1 has the sea, which looked green and grey in the programme
  • 1 has a grey lake with grey stones under a green landscape
  • 1 has a waterfall falling down a grey mountain with green foliage
Then there are seventeen clips combining nature and humanity.  Nine combine actual humans with nature:
  • 2 of William Wordsworth in the grey Alps with green trees
  • 1 of John Clare wearing grey trousers lying in green grass
  • 1 of Peter Ackroyd in front of green and grey rocks
  • 1 of Ackroyd in a grey street with green leaves above
  • 1 of Wordsworth depicted in a boat on a grey lake with green trees
  • 1 of Ackroyd on grey mountains with green trees behind
  • 1 of Ackroyd in front of green and grey house, with green vegetation
  • 1 of Ackroyd in grey Tintern Abbey with green vegetation
Eight combine human constructions with nature:
  • 2 of grey looking Tintern Abbey among green fields and trees
  • 1 of grey walls dividing green fields after the Enclosure Act
  • 1 of a grey church in a green grass and tree leaves churchyard
  • 1 of a grey monument to John Clare amongst green vegetation
  • 1 of a grey road through the village of Helpston with green grass
  • 1 of a grey factory amongst green fields
  • 1 of a grey office block alongside green leaves
Whew, hope that enhances your enjoyment of the video, and all things greenygrey!
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