New Poem of Life, City and Season from KJP Garcia

Jacksonville - Main Street Bridge
Image by Guillaume Capron via Flickr
Today we have an impressive and intriguing Folding Mirror poem from a new FM poet: KJP Garcia.  The poem was first published in the Straight to Screen section of Kenyatta’s website, and there have been a couple more since, which will hopefully also appear here soon.  But if you want to read them now, please head over to KJP’s website from the above link.  Here’s the poem, enjoy!
it was july
out for summer
the smells took seat in hair, skin
as the wandering began
past yesterday’s rain, junk
heading down to
main street
winding up on
this block – this place
empty glasses – full seats
another round, before the leaves turn
back to classroom echoes
and their fall.

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