Cleveland Way Photos from Scarborough to Robin Hood’s Bay

Robin Hoods Bay. Taken from MR: NZ962023 from ...
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Update: There are now photos from the Cleveland Way trip up on Picasa Greenygrey: Robin Hood’s Bay and Scarborough.

Hello, it’s Green.  Wow, what wonderful sunny weather it is in the UK.  From the end of September and now into October Britain is having a bit of an Indian Summer; and the best spell since April!  Fantastic, and be sure to top up your vitamin D in time for hibernation, but I wouldn’t overdo it; I saw Marc Latham sunburnt in Portugal this year, and it wasn’t a pretty sight!

Green Divides into its Constituent Colours

With blue and yellow dominant in the sky instead of my ol’ buddy, Grey, I thought I’d try and dig into my heritage and try and divide myself into my constituent colours, so that I might communicate better with the sky.

So I went to the lovely Robin Hood’s Bay in North Yorkshire, via sunny Scarborough, where I also found lots of Greenygrey evidence on the ground.

Anyway more about that later, and back to my division.  You know what, I did it.  And had a nice time talking with my parent colours.

Greenygrey is a Double Middle

And it got me thinking how when Grey and I are together we are a double middle, with Grey’s parent colours black and white.

That got me thinking about that tv documentary about colours and how humanity developed colour distinction a long time ago.

Green and Grey Born From Original Colours

In that programme, Horizon’s Do You See What I See?, they explained that humanity originally saw everything in black and white, which are Grey’s parent colours.

Then humanity developed the ability to see in blue and yellow, which are my parent colours.

So Grey is like the older more archetypal side of us, while I’m the newer and more created.  Fascinating, don’t you think?

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