Blue Black Permanent by Margaret Tait gets Wolfgang in State

View west from the Cleveland Way at Live Moor ...
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Hi, it’s Wolfgang.  You know, sometimes I think I’m going potty with all this rambling on about greenygrey research and blogging.

Blue Black Permanent by Margaret Tait

But then the other night I saw there was a film on called Blue Black Permanent, and the colour combination in the title of course caught my attention.

And you know what, it didn’t disappoint, because accomplished poet and film-maker, the late Margaret Tait, included a lot of footage depicting blue and black imagery: like bluish pebbles on the beach combined with black seaweed.

Correlations with the Greenygrey

It was also just after we received lots of greenygrey evidence from the Yorkshire coast, including grey stones combined with green seaweed.

As regular visitors and readers will know, we have now made into a YouTube film of the Cleveland Way walk from Scarborough to Robin Hood’s Bay.

Lost Civilisation of Werewolves?

So while we see a greenygrey world, maybe Margaret Tait saw it in blueyblack.  And we’re not all crazy in the greenygrey world, we think the same as other people, but just see it differently!?

Or maybe there was a lost civilisation of blueyblack werewolves?  That (multi-theory) is the greenygrey (see literature) of it!

Maybe it will take a place in the Greenygrey psyche and world like the Lost City of Atlantis does in the human…leading to lots more theories…and books…and more questions…than answers?

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