Quotes and Phrases that could have been Greenygreyisms

Image by Clearly Ambiguous via Flickr

Great 21st century quotes and phrases adapting oldies:
‘It’s all gone Greenygrey!!’ (Pete Tong)

Hi, it’s Susie Dentinfang; I’m sure you know me by now.  In the 21st century it is sometimes difficult to find new things to say, because there has already been so much said.  So, many words and phrases adapt what has already been said.

Although the Greenygrey has of course been around for many centuries, we only started writing things down a few years ago.  Here’s three that we missed, and think could have looked great in greengrey.  Unfortunately, they were too early to be Greenygreyisms.

Oscar Wilde: Nothing to Declare But Genius

In 1882, Oscar Wilde apparently told Customs Control in New York: ‘I have nothing to declare but my genius.’

Swap genius for greenygreyness and we think you’d have a nice little greenygrey quote.

Sixth Sense: I See Dead People

In the film, Sixth Sense, Cole Sear tells Malcolm Crowe: ‘I see dead people… All the time. They’re everywhere.’

Swap dead people for greenygrey, and it’d be a good quote for how us researchers at the Greenygrey sometimes feel!!

1980s Slang: It’s All Gone Pete Tong

In the 1980s there was a famous DJ called Pete Tong, who is still famous, and his surname became rhyming slang for wrong, coining the phrase ‘It’s all gone Pete Tong‘.

At the Greenygrey we don’t really want to be seen negatively, but we like a sunny blue sky day as much as anybody, so when the clouds roll in to end a clear morning, or during a particularly lengthy period of greenygreyness, we think it is justifiable to exclaim: ”It’s all gone Greenygrey’.

Recycling Advert: The Possibilities are Endless

We asked Marc Latham, who was with us at the start of our publishing career on this website, what he now thought of the Greenygrey.

He said that at the start he thought we had a limited shelf life, but now he thinks that by recycling ideas and topics the possibilites are endless (can you spot the greenygrey in this recylcing video that we recycled this last section into?):


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