Keeping the Relationship Fresh: Unexpected Surprise brings Theory Construction

Green Bridge and Falls

Hi, it’s Wolfgang.  I have been deducing, and formulated an exciting new hypothesis that I will put to you before dismissing it.  I put it to you that you probably think that studying all things greenygrey becomes boring after many years of diligent thorough research, and painstaking peer review.

You would therefore be surprised to learn that it can still come up with surprises when you least expect them.  To prove this I have provided an amazing example below.

Natural Green and Grey

Why, just the other night I was watching a television programme, and not really studying greenygrey at the time.

Then I noticed some greenygrey trees and sky.  I thought nothing of it, until not long after seeing some greenygrey grass and stone.

Constructed Green and Grey

I was just getting comfortable within greenygrey nature when a green bridge and grey dome reminded me that some greenygrey combinations are human constructions.

New Theory Conclusion

So you see, the greenygrey can still surprise me, even after all this time, and therefore never gets boring.

I hope you have enjoyed this example of greenygrey theory hypothesis construction and dismissal.

Although you may think you have wasted a few minutes of your life, you must remember that we have to create theories to prove them wrong.

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