Niagara Falls Video has Exciting New Greenygrey Evidence

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Hi, it’s Harry Silhouetteof-Wolfhowlingonthehill, video and television expert here at the Greenygrey.

I was just browsing Youtube and came across a great piece of Greenygrey evidence in this Niagara Falls video:

The Water is Multi-Coloured: Green and Grey

Although, at first, inexperienced Greenygreyologists might think that the main greenygrey evidence is in the grey river in the foreground, and the green trees in the background, if you look closely at the river, there is some green in it.

And that is only the precursor to the main event though, because as the water cascades over the Niagara Falls it turns from grey to green.

It seems quite amazing that it is the same water, but changes colour between green and grey…well, it does to me anyway.

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