Werewolf of Oz Editing for Epic Fantasy Travel Book

Hi, it’s Green again.  We are busy editing Grey’s Werewolf of Oz rambles for a literary nonsense masterpiece, which we plan on charging a little for, as we’re putting so much work into it, and hopefully to keep the trolls away. It is the epic tale of one half of a legendary werewolf; that’s Grey; taking the long Oz dust sandy path on a quite amazing quest to reunite with its other half; that’s me.

Editing the Werewolf of Oz

Although Grey is doing a greyt job blogging from Oz, it is perhaps understandable under its circumstances that it isn’t the top notch quality prose of our combined North American Rambles.  So the remaining team at the Greenygrey have been carefully editing and interpreting its blogs to make them worthy of you.

We just caught up with yesterday’s Werewolf of Oz, and here’s the edit.  We hope you like the changes we’ve made, which are after the poem, and think it’s a worthwhile improvement.

108.  Bye Bye Bingie, we’re off on a Bottlenose Travel Fantasy

I awoke later than the others, and they seemed all ready to leave when I first looked up. They were chatting jollily, and there seemed to be a new spirit amongst them.

Buzzing Off from the Bees of Bingie

The bees put on a great brekkie of honey nut munchers, and I felt a new surge of energy flow through my body. I almost felt green, and thought my emerald cork hat might be glowing. I asked the others, but they could see no change in it.

After munching
all the munchers
we made our way
out to sea
for parley
with Barry
and family.

Be Safe said the Bees at Sea

The bees flew out out as far as the first horizon, which was the limit of their safe flight range; but some bungeed a little further. They all sang goodbyee. It was a beeautiful sight from the clear early morning ocean, lit up aquamarine by the new day’s sun.

The harness and raft worked well. Barry and I swam in the front, with Barry’s wife and three calves in two rows behind us. It felt good to be a dolphin again, and to be swimming in the open sea with great company; although sad to be without bee.

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